Conceptual ideas

1. We rely on DIFFERENT STYLE knowledge and their recreation in every project.

2. We try to have INDIVIDUAL APPROACHto every garden.

3. Constant resarch for the LATEST TECHNOLOGIES and their use in landscape architecture. We have take part in great number conferences and seminars all over the world

4. Projects with SUSTINABLE DESIGN near to local natural environment of every project.

5. Craetion of ALL YEAR ROUND DECORATIVE DISPLAY with use of flowering plants with different flowering period and decorative lights above and underwater for all day long beautifull gardens and fountains.

6.Individual design of FOUNTAINS AND WATER FEATURES. We are one of a small number of companies, wich can provide custome-design nozzles.

7. Providing EASY MAINTENANCE solutions by use of suitable local conditions plants and design of irrigation and drainage systems.