Exterior design

Private yard in town of Rousse - water feature and landscaping with unique plants. Underwater lights.

Private residence in Halkidiki,Grece - exotic mediterranean plants and palms.

Private yard in Tipchenica near Mezdra - water feature, underwater lights.

Private residence - water feature, landscape design decorative lights. Biological filter system.

Private residence near Sofia game of forms and materials. Very nice decorative light solution.

Private yard in Bojurishte near Sofia grass and stone path groups of plants.

Private residence - water feature, bridge and comlete landscape design. Water, plants decorative facing.

Private residence near Sofia. The aim is to place big BBQ without reducing green space. Roof garden.

Private residence near Sofia. Very clean design including old big trees..

Private yard in town of Stara Zagora - geometrical design an Japanese like stone garden.

Private residence - 4 level water feature, landscape design decorative lights

Water feature in private yard in Bankja. Artificial river and lake.

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