Водни ефекти

   Water features - ponds, lakes and fountains are one of the most attractive places in a park or a garden. Water gives a sense of comfort and pleasure in the garden. In contemporary gardens it's possible to create natural looking landscapes as well as building artistic shapes with new materials and technologies. When the concept is to create natural scene it's important to take serious attention of useful plants and materials as natural as they could be. In modern water features there is freedom of shapes and materials, limited only by designer's imagination.

   It's important to provide proper filter installation and underwater lights. One of the most important things in water feature design is safety, that's why it's important to rely on professional services.

    Our company is authorized installer of Firestone Pondliner - EPDM membranes on rubber base. This material provides you with the ability to glue either to different surfaces like concrete etc. as peaces of material itself. It is possible to create very large water spaces as well as reconstruct old ones.